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Creating Windows To The World

Creating Windows To The World

Transforming Homes Or Business Environments From Ordinary To Extraordinary...!!!

Transforming Homes Or Business Environments From Ordinary To Extraordinary…!!!

Professional Artist in Denver, Colorado

Hello and Welcome to the creative world of “Arte della Piazza”. If you are looking for help in beautifying your home or place of business with custom murals and need a reliable source for high-end custom artistic finishes, then allow Arte della Piazza to be of service.

Experienced in my artistic talents, I am able to add spacial illusions in your home or place of business. Any surface can accept a large range textures, murals, patterned designs or perhaps metal or leather illusions we call a faux finish.This stimulating art form can transform your existing walls, floors and ceiling from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Paulettes-Canvas-Mural-1My Expertise Includes:
    Custom Murals
    Old World Frescos
    Trompe L’oeil
    Unique Faux Finishes
    Italian plasters,  Venetian Plaster and Marmorino
    Original hand cut stencils
    Leather, Wood Grain, Metal, marble and Stone effects
    Antiquing and Aging efects for all services
    Furniture faux finished, hand painted or refinished
    Color Consulting

Nestled in the foothills of Denver, Colorado, Arte della Piazza brings home fascinating elements of numerous cultures. Perhaps you would like to bring a slice of Italy home or the exotic ancient atmosphere of the Orient. What can be more stunning than enlarging a tiny dark room with a sunlit view of an Italian vineyard from a terraced balcony. We are all about passion and being a visionary coupled with masterful techniques. Specializing in custom artistic murals for Denver, all Rocky Mountain resorts and beyond, our company strives to bridge the beauty of classic art with today’s modern architecture.

The creative world of Arte della Piazza, perhaps, reveals itself most in the range of textures, murals, and patterned designs invoked on a daily basis. If you are searching for that little something extra within your home, office, or business, we can work together to deliver your artistic vision through our hands.

As the owner and overseer of Arte della Piazza, I have worked hard to create the reliable and unparalleled business it has become today. Over the years, my artistic talents have given me the opportunity to transform rooms ordinary to extraordinary, and I wanted to turn that dedication into my lifelong work. Ultimately, the privilege of seeing working and living spaces transformed is what keeps me committed to Arte della Piazza every day.

If you are further interested in more nuanced and detail-oriented projects, Arte della Piazza has a long history of working with spatial illusions and high-end custom artistic finishes. Being professional designers and artists, we will only work in the service with other professional designers, builders, architects, and tradesmen. Meaning, you’ll receive the highest quality attention to your vision, as well as the respect you deserve for your home and schedule.

Since inception in 1999, Arte della Piazza has worked on extensive projects ranging from 20,000-sq. foot private Italian residences to public murals at the Lone Tree Golf Course. We have even worked on fun murals at my church in Littleton.

Wherever you are or whatever the need, Arte della Piazza will take strides to meet your aesthetic demands. As a fully bonded and insured company, you will also never have to worry about the legitimacy of the service you’re receiving.

For any specific questions, please contact Arte della Piazza today. My name is Paulette Piazza and I will gladly help you with any inquiries, as well as scheduling your complimentary one-hour consultation and estimate. I can be reached personally at paulette@artedellapizza.com. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to beginning this endeavor together. If you have any questions, call professional muralist Paulette Piazza today!


Arte della Piazza