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Choosing a Mural for Your Home

June 25, 2015  Author: Paulette Piazza Category: Advice   0 Comments

Gold Wine Cellar MuralWall and ceiling murals are a beautiful way to highlight a particular area of your home. Have a mural painted on the wall of your favorite room or have a freestanding piece created to highlight the beauty of your home! There are many choices to think about when planning this detailed piece of art including size, theme and more. Follow this guide to begin the process of developing the right piece for your home:

Your Decorating Taste

Before planning the mural, think deeply about your decorating styles and tastes. A mural is a detailed, permanent piece of work that will highlight the features of your home for years to come. This means it must match your decorative taste well. When deciding on a mural theme first consider what time periods your design inspiration comes from and how the mural will accent your furniture and decorative choices.

Scale and Proportion

Next, focus on the size of the room you want to have your mural created in. When designing in a smaller space, aim for a simpler design. Too many colors or too busy of a mural will overwhelm a small room. The larger the room, the larger the mural can be!

How the Room Will Be Used

Also consider what the room is typically used for. When designing a mural in a living room, a great place to have it painted is behind the couch. This will attract visitors’ eyes to the mural, but not distract them from other pieces in the room, like a fireplace or television set.

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