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Choosing an Accent Wall for Your Home

October 30, 2015  Author: Paulette Piazza Category: Advice   0 Comments

An accent wall is a beautiful way to add color and texture to a room without overwhelming the eyes. From the bedroom to the living room, there are many areas that an accent wall can compliment, when done right. Detailed murals and textured finishes are a couple of my favorite options for an accent wall.

Choose a Focal Point

When choosing your wall, it is important to consider what the focal point of the room is. For example, the wall behind the bed is a common choice when painting an accent wall in the bedroom. A beautiful and creative extension of the headboard, the accent wall immediately draws the eye to the room’s most important feature: The bed.

In other areas of the home, like the dining room, kitchen and living room, there are many different reasons to choose your wall. Maybe you are looking to elongate a space, draw attention to unique cupboards or add a pop of color behind the bathroom counter. Create balance with the accent wall and make your favorite area stand out beautifully.

Pay Attention to Architecture

Another tip for choosing your accent wall is to pay attention to architectural features. Highlight interesting nooks and crannies in your home, the bookcase wall or the wall behind the fireplace to make your favorite features pop.

Once you have decided on your wall, it is time to consider design. Work with Arte Della Piazza to make your artistic vision come to life. Whether you are looking to have a mural created, ornamentation added or a textured finish designed, Arte Della Piazza can create it with the upmost care. To get started on your accent wall project, contact us online or by calling 303-749-1049.

Written by Paulette Piazza

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