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Enjoying Art with your Children

July 30, 2015  Author: Paulette Piazza Category: Kids and Art   0 Comments

mom and daughter drawing togetherArt is not just something for adults; it can be enjoyed by children too! There are plenty of benefits to teaching your kids about art, as it is a form of learning that sparks the right hemisphere of the brain. This means that art has the ability to stimulate emotional perception and creativity! Viewing and discussing art with your kids can also help them to think critically while analyzing and interpreting what they see. Here are some ways to incorporate and enjoy art with your family:

Visit an Art Museum

Give your kids a chance to experience all sorts of art by visiting your local art museum! Not every child will love the experience, but there are plenty of ways to get your whole bunch into it. Click here for some great game ideas to try.  Many art museums have children’s programs as well, so check out your local museum’s website before making your trip. The Denver Art Museum has tons of kid-friendly activities going on every day!

Check out a Book

In between field trips, try checking out an art book from the library, or looking up pictures of some of your favorite paintings online. Show them to your kids and let them tell you what they think. Talk about the first thing you each noticed in the painting, what you think is taking place and what you would do if you were in the painting. Making art fun is a wonderful way to get children engaged and excited.

Create your Own Masterpieces

Painting and drawing with children is always fun, but it’s especially interesting to see what they will create after being exposed to new art. Get out your markers, crayons and paint and get creative together. Once your masterpieces are complete, let your children describe their scenes to you. Ask questions and allow their creativity to flourish!

Written by Paulette Piazza

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