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Ornamentation & Decorative Columns

Ornamentation is one of our most delicate and room-altering techniques. It takes precision and the finest attention to nuances—something Arte della Piazza has taken years to refine. Meaning, we can now proudly present you with the fruits of our labor by providing the most sophisticated services performed throughout the Denver, Colorado area.

Whether you are in search of ornate marbleized columns surrounding your pool or more intricate and decorative designs throughout your bathroom, Arte della Piazza has something to offer to every space. Our trained specialists will work personally with you to help cultivate ideas and create a blueprint of what your prospective room could look like.

Arte della Piazza is loyal to using only the highest quality materials. This is because it produces the best results, which reflects in our work and ensures the longevity of your space. We hope you enjoy our designs for years to come.

For more information regarding your free consultation or decorative marble columns, please contact Arte della Piazza today. We look forward to speaking with you.


Ornamentation Zoom Detail





Entertainment Center Closure Mural


Hand Stylized Marbleized Column

Handcrafted Marbleized Column

Ornate Marbleized Column Zoom Detail

Ornate Marbleized Column Zoom Detail



Hand Painted Stencil on Wall Glaze ~ Kitchen

Hand Painted Ornamentation on Faux Glaze Finish


Hand Painted Ornaments Over Ceiling Glaze





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