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Wall Glazing & Faux Finishing

As one of our most sought-after services, wall glazing & faux finishing takes time, careful attention, and your personal aesthetic demands. Arte della Piazza will work with you hand-in-hand to explore the type of glaze or finish you envision throughout different parts of your home.

Perhaps, you desire a handcrafted wall glaze in the master bedroom, but a textured leather finish in your small office. Both and everything are possible when using our range of products and templates engineered with specific rooms in mind.

Ultimately, so much of our work is up to you as the artistic visionary. That’s why Arte della Piazza comes equipped with an entire crew of professionals, so that we can ensure every project meets our valued client expectations.

As the premier mural and design service throughout the Denver, Colorado area, Arte della Piazza has our clients’ wishes to uphold. That means no matter the service—a uniquely designed mural, wall glazing or faux finishing—it will be done with utmost care and artistry.

For any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact Arte della Piazza today. We will gladly discuss commission specifics and strive to work within your price range. Thank you for your time!

Wall Glaze Zoom Detail

Wall Glaze Zoom Detail

Faux Finish Master Hallway

Faux Finish Master Hallway


Wall Glaze Great Room East 

Hand Crafted Ornamentation on Wall Glaze

Hand Crafted Ornamentation on Wall Glaze ~ Master Bedroom

Wall Glaze ~ Breakfast Nook

Ornamentation On Wall Glaze ~ Breakfast Nook

Wall & Ceiling Glaze ~ Living Room

Wall & Ceiling Glaze ~ Living Room

Wall Glazes

Wall Glazes

Textured Tiles

Textured Wall Finishes




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